Meet the Trainer

Here at Visualsoft we believe our staff are the most valuable asset to the company and their training is vital to our business success. Our internal trainers focus on staff development and education across all departments within the company on the use of our systems and platforms.

Senior Trainer Graham joined the team at Visualsoft in September 2012 as an admin trainer and has spent the past 4 years educating our clients on how to use the Visualsoft Admin panel in order to manage and make the most of their website. He has recently taken up the role of an internal trainer here at VS so we asked him a few questions about his position…

Graham Taylor

Area of expertise:
VS3 & Google Products, Customer Service and Lean process improvement.

How did you get into training?
Accidentally! I started life in the army at 16 and when I left after 5 years I just needed a job. I applied to anything purely just so I could earn money and I ended up securing a role as a customer service advisor – I was promoted into training after just 6 weeks as they felt my personality fit the role and here I am, still training 18 years later!

What’s your favourite thing about being a trainer?
The social side of the job is fantastic. You’re constantly meeting new people, this is probably my favourite element along with the satisfaction you get when you have genuinely helped someone to think differently about a situation, task or way of working. The mix of different people from varied backgrounds that you get to speak to can be quite entertaining and enlightening along with the freedom to come up with new ways to help people learn and remember what you have taught them, which allows for creativity.

What’s your favourite thing about running the training workshops within VS?The workshops I deliver are basic introductions to eBay and Amazon and it feels nice to help people to discover their strategy for listing products on either of those marketplaces and highlight the requirements that both channels will ask of them. Once people have insight into what is required both process wise and how they will be measured by these channels, it steers their future actions and informs their decisions much better.

What would your ideal training session include?
Music, laughter and important teach points that lead people to think and behave differently as a result of this and discussions shared.

Just for fun… If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you want to take?
My portable speaker (solar powered) and two women.

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