Leader Online – “we now generate more sales and can compete with anybody …”

Client Testimonial from Leader Online

“We had a website (and were in the process of getting a second one built) but it was taking too long, and wasn’t really being done the way I wanted; so I started looking around. I wanted a company that ONLY did websites so that I knew that was their only focus.

After the first couple of minutes of my initial meeting with Visualsoft I knew I was talking to a couple of very clued up and passionate people who knew exactly what they were talking about with regards to websites and e-commerce.

I heard about Visualsoft through a friend who had just had a website done and was pleased with the results. Not sure I would recommend Visualsoft as they might become too busy and not be able to give us the good service we have become accustomed to!!!

Visualsoft have totally rebranded the original website and carried on this theme through all our new sites. It has allowed us to move into new sectors, attract new customers and new suppliers.

We now generate more sales and I believe we can (and do) compete with anybody else in our sector. Our websites are professional, we have years of expertise in what we do and have the finance to be able to do it effectively – which I think are all key facts in being able to compete successfully”.

Leader Online

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