How local businesses can take advantage of the Pokemon GO buzz

We’ve all heard about it; in the playground, in the workplace, and all over social media. It’s the Pokėmon GO buzz that some love and some can’t bear to hear another word about. Yet for local businesses this new game of augmented reality has proven to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Forward thinking businesses are using ‘Lure Modules’ to attract rare Pokėmon to their bars, restaurants, clubs and stores to ultimately open the floodgates to customers captivated by the smartphone app.

Middlesbrough Empire

The weekly nightclub event Sumo, at the Middlesbrough Empire, promoted their night by announcing the launch of several ‘lures’ from midnight.

empire pokemon.jpg

Waterstones Bookstore

Branches of the popular UK book store Waterstones have been using ‘Lure Modules’ to attract Pokėmon and book lovers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 15.22.43.png

Blueline Taxis

The Teesside Taxi firm has been offering Pokėmon GO tours for £20, allowing players to visit ‘hot spots’ with the primal desire to ‘catch ‘em all’.

blueline pokemon.jpg

‘Sponsored locations’ and McDonald’s

Chief Executive of Niantic mentioned the concept of ‘sponsored locations’ as a way to open up a new revenue stream. Rumour has it, the fast-food chain McDonald’s, has been one of the first in discussion with Niantic to make their stores into Pokėmon gyms.



A church in Birmingham utilised the app to bring more people to their service and encouraged a return for Sunday mass. We suspect other churches may follow suit in an attempt to boost the number churchgoers across the country.

church pokemon.jpg

Increasing Revenues

London burger restaurant Maxwell’s in Covent Garden claim revenues have risen by 26 per cent since setting of ‘lures’ and attracting Pokėmon.


Where it can all go wrong

Despite the buzz, the use of these Pokestops can get wildly inappropriate with players flocking from graveyards to ‘Adult Entertainment’ shops.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 14.01.44.png



Author: Megan McBride, Social Media Intern at Visualsoft 


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