Goofbid turns 10!

This week (Monday to be exact!) marked the 10th birthday of our sister company, Goofbid!

Goofbid was originally set up back in 2006 by our Chief Sales Officer Tim, who was an avid bargain hunter himself on eBay. Tim found was that the web lacked specific search tools for eBay and instead a lot of time and effort was spent manually searching through thousands of pages for desired items.

He wanted a website that made use of various time saving tools that would allow the user to pick up some fantastic bargains and spend a fraction of the time doing so. After much research Goofbid was launched and boasts forward thinking tools including the ‘eBay Misspelling Search’, ‘eBay Not in Title Search’ and the free ‘eBay Sniper’. The misspelling search tool allows the user to find items that have been misspelt and the not in title search tool allows the bargain hunter to locate products that have a limited description. For example if a Nissan Micra on eBay was listed as ‘S Reg Car’ this tool would search for all Nissan Micra’s listed on eBay that do not have the words ‘Nissan Micra’ included in the description. Last but certainly not least is the eBay ‘Sniper tool’. This is the most used tool at the moment and allows the user to snipe a bid just as the auction is about to end, increasing the chances of winning whilst also ensuring a bargain price!

Goofbid has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years. The site has been featured on GMTV, Martin Lewis’ Bargains and in 2008 won the Digital Innovator of the Year Award. We look forward to the exciting future of Goofbid, check out the site for yourself here!

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