Goodbye To Character Counting

This week Twitter shook the World of social media with an upcoming change to its infamous format. The platform now ‘wants you to do more’ with a tweet than the standard 140 characters will allow, and is looking to streamline some aspects of a tweet so that they do not count within this limit.

Twitter_May24 (1)

The following changes will be rolled out in the coming months; the purpose being to modernise the platform to keep up with the ever-changing communication demands and needs of its users:

No longer will savvy Tweeters need to use .@ in order to reach more people – new tweets that begin with an @username will reach all of your followers.

@usernames in replies will no longer count in the word limit, and neither will media attachments such as GIFs, videos, photos or Twitter polls.

This can only have a positive impact for Twitter users and brands, offering extra legroom for creativity and stylistic freedom over Twitter messaging. Having to truncate and manoeuvre longer messages over a number of tweets has always been a struggle, especially for brands to communicate effectively. We’re looking forward to a bit of extra freedom – thanks Twitter!


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