Fast, Easy & Secure

Customers love convenience, which is why we recently integrated our eCommerce platform with Amazon’s latest payment solution. Login and Pay with Amazon has been designed to make it easy for millions of registered Amazon customers to shop on your website, using the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon accounts.

Gain New Customers

The online payment option offers an easy way for Amazon’s customers to login on your site and complete purchases, and as part of the process they automatically become your customers too so you can market to them directly.

Reduce Abandonment Rates

By allowing customers to use delivery and payment details that they’ve already set up via their Amazon accounts, this can reduce checkout time on your store and help to reduce basket abandonment rates.

Increase Conversion

Many retailers with the payment option are also benefitting from increased conversion rates too. Amazon’s research shows an impressive uplift for some big names retailers since they’ve introduced Login and Pay with Amazon on their online store – take a look at Amazon’s case studies to find out more.

Offer a Mobile-Friendly Solution

Login and Pay with Amazon buttons and widgets are optimised across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Get Peace of Mind

The payment option provides merchants with peace of mind as they’re covered by fraud protection, provided at no additional cost.

If you’d like more info about Login and Pay with Amazon, please get in touch with our Customer Support team on 01642 633 604, or head to Amazon’s site for further details.

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