CRO – The Basics

Conversion rate optimisation is a highly successful method of using analytics data and user feedback to improve your store’s online performance. CRO focuses on improving the effectiveness of your site, to boost sales with the same amount of traffic you’re currently receiving. The fact of the matter is that if you’re an eCommerce store owner and you are not actively looking to improve your site for the better, then you are more than likely missing out on significant revenue. We spoke with our CRO Team Leader, Gavin Lowther to find out the answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding the topic.

1.How does CRO cover it’s costs?

The smallest of increase in conversion rate, even as small as 0.1% is going to make a massive difference to your bottom line revenue. Any increases or improvements made stay with the website even when you are not carrying out conversion rate optimisation so the costs continue to be recouped moving forward.

2. Is demographic an integral factor to CRO?

Demographics are a huge factor with conversion rate optimisation. Even your closest competitor is going to have a completely different demographic to your website – it’s about your data and noone elses.

3. What methods are used for CRO?

A/B testing is the most commonly used method for CRO, it involves showing two versions of a webpage to similar visitors at the same time to see which one performs better – It’s simple really, the one that gives the best conversion rate wins! However you need to combine all methods to achieve the highest results.

4. Where to start with CRO and what are your best results to date?

User testing has been key to our CRO strategy results so far, that would be my top tip as it’s a great place to start from. This enables researchers, designers and marketers to understand why users exit pages or fail to use certain features. In terms of the best results we have recently designed, developed and tested a new Visualsoft checkout, the collated results showed a 20% increase in basket to sale completions.

5. Should I be using Google Analytics?

Everyone should be using analytics, it’s a fundamental part of your marketing armoury – you’ve already got data so why not utilise and use it? My favourite tool is a hidden gem in analytics called Customer Alerts, it enables the user to set up alerts for things that you might want to monitor and it sends you emails.

At Visualsoft we offer a comprehensive range of CRO services that can give you real insight into your customers and how they use your online store, and using that data we can work with you to improve your website’s usability, boost return on your marketing spends, strengthen your store’s conversion rate, and increase revenue for your business.

To learn more, call our team today on 01642 633604.

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