Be a better Developer – Get out of the office!

Are you working in a digital role that involves being sat behind the screen of your computer all day long – do you want to increase your productivity at work, sharpen your brain and enhance your ability to concentrate, learn, and think outside the box? Not only would it result in feeling better physically, but you’d be more motivated and therefore at the top of your game, career-wise. Sounds promising, right? Well according to a recent study an active life is the answer.

The best developers all seem to have the same traits:

– They remember every little detail of that code from aeons ago

– They can seemingly re-develop the world in a heartbeat

– They find it easy to foresee issues and spec out new work

– They keep calm in a crisis

Is there a secret to this success? Exciting new research in neuroscience has provided more evidence showing that regular exercise and looking after your physical health can provide these traits and increase your productivity in the workplace. A brisk walk during a morning break or a cardio class at lunchtime balances neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the brain – substances responsible for influencing brain activity related to mood, attention, learning and motivation. That’s why you’re likely to feel calmer, yet more alert and focused after exercise.

“Exercise is a powerful way to combat feelings of stress because it causes immediate increases in levels of key neurotransmitters, including serotonin, noradrenalin, dopamine and endorphins, that are often depleted by anxiety and depression.

It’s effects on the hippocampus—a key brain structure that’s critical for long-term memory”. This part of the brain is one of only two areas that actually regenerates itself – exercise actively increases its growth and lifespan.” – Wendy A. Suzuki

Recent findings have suggested that the brain’s hippocampus is also involved in giving people the ability to heighten imagination and creativity. This applies to lots of situations, but specifically being able to think of different scenarios and potential solutions contribute directly to any good developer.

Regular exercise will boost your ability to shift between different tasks and focus on the work you need to get done. This is because better blood flow leads to an increase in brain functions. Having an active lifestyle will improve your memory, especially when exercising has become a crucial part of your life. Establishing a routine of exercising on regular basis will activate the long-term growth of the hippocampal cells, which are responsible for a long-term memory. And of course, it’s all good for your long-term health.

The nature of work in today’s digital industry often involves juggling a thousand roles, dealing with increasingly heavy workloads, and the ability to think on your feet. Athletes train for peak performance — and research indicates plenty of good reasons for workers in the digital field to follow their lead. So be a better Developer and get out of the office.

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