Are you ready for Manic Monday?

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday – experts are predicting that Monday 8th December will be the biggest online spending spree ever!

Manic Monday is set to send buyers into a frenzy with spending expected to increase by 26% compared to 2013, and with UK shoppers alone spending up to £33million in just one hour and total sales in excess of £350million last year, it’s going to be a big one!

Last year, UK retailers saw more website visits on Manic Monday than they did on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. This year shoppers are expected to spend a staggering £470,000 every minute as they take advantage of the pre-Christmas bargain buys. So what does this mean for retailers? Well for starters, it’s time to get prepared!

Here are our top tips for ensuring that your PPC campaign is ready for the biggest EVER spending spree.

1. Make sure your budgets are increased accordinging to cope with increased traffic

2. Where required increased bids on high performing keywords to maintain competitiveness

3. If you have additional budget consider generic campaigns to capture a wider audience in the ‘research stage’ of purchase

maybe capitalise on ‘manic monday gifts’ etc. as public interest may increase with media coverage of “manic monday”

4. Adjust your mobile bid modifiers to optimise your traffic towards best converting devices

5. Google Shopping: review impression share at a campaign-level to ensure that you are competitive for key products and groups

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