Another Visualsoft victory!

Visualsoft picked up the winners spot in Saturday’s football tournament, which was held in aid of local children’s charity Zoes Place.

The five a-side tournament saw a number of local businesses and YMCA groups take part in the event, and the Visualsoft Integration Team secured a well deserved victory by winning six of their seven games throughout the day.

With a couple of injuries in the Visualsoft team and some controversial referee decisions, the day was not without its drama, but the team pulled together and with the help of a substitute from our programming team, went on to win the tournament and lift the trophy at the end of the day.

The event was organised by run by volunteers from Motiv8 and the local YMCA team, which supports young children and teenagers throughout the North East. The day was a massive success, not only for the Visualsoft team, but also for Motiv8, the YMCA team and most importantly Zoes Place, with a large sum of money raised throughout the day for the Middlesbrough based charity.

To view pictures taken during the day, visit the Visualsoft UK Facebook page.

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