Amazon UK to restrict product titles to 200 characters

Amazon UK have this week announced a new standard for product titles, which will see a limit in place on the number of characters allowed.

From 6th April 2016, product titles on the marketplace are to be limited to a maximum of 200 characters, including spaces. We’ve already seen this change take place in the US on last year, but now the title length restrictions are coming to Amazon’s EU sites.

In the original email to US merchants in 2015, Amazon outlined:

“To improve the customer experience, all listings sellers create, with a title length more than 200 characters will be suppressed from search and browse. When creating new listings, make sure to keep the title, which is the Product Name, for each product less than 200 characters. Customers will not be able to find your listings created until you have shortened their title to less than 200 characters.”

There’s been a fair amount of insights and concerns over the change since it was implemented in the US in 2015. Although the change is likely to mostly affect those who sell own-brand products, if you have a well performing product on an ASIN where other merchants also list then it’s definitely within your best interest to edit the title. If someone else changes the product title first then important keywords that are valuable to the listing may be deleted – if you do this yourself then you are at least giving yourself a fighting chance of your new version becoming the default.

Instructions on how to shorten product titles were also included in the email:

1. Log into Seller Central and click on Manage Inventory under Inventory
2. Click on Suppressed ASINs, then filter according to title
3. Shorten the ASIN title to less than 200 characters and save changes


1. Log into Seller Central and click on Inventory Reports under Manage Inventory
2. Download the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report, and filter the listings according to Product Name
3. Re-submit the ASINs with a product name length of less than 200 characters through an inventory template

The changes won’t come into effect on Amazon UK until 6th April 2016, so there’s still time to identify and fix any listings that may be affected. For more information and advice on how to optimise your product titles, contact our Multi Channel experts on 01642 633604.

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