Visualsoft director talks eCommerce with The Online Fashion Agency

Visualsoft Director Tim Johnson was recently approached by The Online Fashion Agency to write a feature about multi-channel eCommerce.

The Online Fashion Agency is the UK’s expert resource on fashion websites. Their standing in the eCommerce industry compliments their knowledge of fashion shopping online.

The Online Fashion Agency was created by Leon Bailey-Green who also founded Online Fashion 100, the online fashion industry’s list of influential people.

Leon Bailey-Green has been quoted in titles such as The Independent, The Times, Drapers and Retail Week due to his expertise and experience of online fashion, retail and digital media.

Visualsoft’s very own Tim Johnson, pictured, has also been a success in his own right in the world of fashion eCommerce. As one of the Company Directors, Tim has spearheaded many of the eCommerce website designs that we have created, some of which have been award-winning.

Their is no-one better to talk to The Online Fashion Agency’s readers about the benefits of multi-channel eCommerce.

Below is the article in full, which was published on Thursday 22nd April 2010:

How you can manage eBay, Amazon and Shopping Comparison sites, as well as your website, from one single admin.

Defining multi-channel selling is no longer as straightforward as it used to be, but the overall goal is the same for merchants – showcasing products in places potential customers visit.

Go back 10 years and multi-channel selling was simply selling in a brick-and-mortar store and a catalogue, making it extremely difficult to reach a new customer base. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, many entrepreneurs are bypassing the traditional routes to market and launching a virtual store online.

The invention of the internet and the World Wide Web, in the words of Bill Gates: “has spawned entirely new industries, transformed existing ones, and become a global cultural phenomenon.” eCommerce is an industry that has developed thanks to the truly global nature of the Internet, allowing business to be conducted through digital communications.

Developments in eCommerce over the last 5 or 6 years have resulted in multi-channel eCommerce becoming a ‘buzz’ phrase amongst internet savvy people; but what exactly does it mean?

Reaching as many customers as possible is the ultimate goal for all business owners, whether off or online. Internet shoppers often visit places such as a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), eBay, Amazon, or a comparison shopping engine to spend their money, meaning a whole new marketplace has opened up for online retailers looking to reach a wider customer base.

However, selling in multiple places at once can make it extremely difficult to keep track of inventory, often resulting in upsetting customers by selling a product that is no longer in stock. This is where multi-channel eCommerce comes in.

Without lifting a finger you can have your products on eBay, Amazon and Shopping Comparison sites, as well as your website, from one single admin. Clever development allows for real-time selling, so if a product sells on eBay and it was the last one available, it will automatically be ‘out of stock’ anywhere else it is listed!

If you’re interested in increasing your customer base, look no further than multi-channel eCommerce – the ideal solution for retailers online.

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