5 Ways Overlays Can Increase Conversion Across ANY Website

In the hugely competitive world of eCommerce, many retailers are still putting greater emphasis on attracting website visitors, rather than converting them. A recent study revealed that for every £92 spent acquiring customers, only £1 is spent on converting them. It doesn’t make much sense, right?

To further enhance conversion rates, many retailers are now turning to overlays (pop-ups) which, when utilised correctly, are found to have a significant positive influence on sales.

Overlays can be introduced across any device, with the intent on either saving a customer from exiting your site, or navigating customers into the areas of your site that you specifically want them to see.

We’ve partnered with overlays specialist Salesfire, who currently work with over 100 retailers to suggest the top 5 methods for increasing conversion rates.  

Exit Intent

On average over 97% of visitors will leave your site without buying. So, it’s hugely important to convert them into a customer (especially when you may have paid to attract the visitor into your site).  Overlays can be prompted through anticipating when a user is about to leave the site, and push forward an offer to retain the customer and avoid losing a sale to a potential rival.

Scroll Triggers

Overlays can be triggered as a visitor scrolls down a page. This is especially useful in migrating traffic from a blog post and into the specific products being promoted in the post. Essentially in doing so, we’re making browsers, or researchers into shoppers and making the buying funnel much more effective.

Signposting Traffic

Overlays can be used to navigate traffic towards the products you want them to see. Take for example a visitor spending a lot of time browsing the Sale section of your site. Any overlay can be introduced to tempt that customer towards your new arrivals (goods with greater margins).


It’s not just about selling to more customers. You can significantly boost sales simply through focusing on increasing average basket values. Overlays popping up and recommending additional accessories to compliment an item, or simply to push 3 for 2 promotions could impact greatly on profitability.


Often a customer will have additional questions on an item; typically when a product is bespoke, or where a consultive approach is required. Well timed lead generation forms can generate an enquiry from a customer when they are deliberating a purchase, or looking to seek further advice your competitors could provide.

About Salesfire

As a sister company of Visualsoft, Salesfire focus on providing a suite of products to help convert your website visitors into customers. Boasting an average return of £24 for every £1 spent*, the company now works with over 100 customers to influence their customer’s purchases.

For more information on how overlays can increase your conversion rate speak to your Visualsoft Account Manager, or contact Salesfire direct at support@salesfire.co.uk or call 01642 955121.

*figures based on Q1 2017

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