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Visualsoft makes headlines again

Posted on 15/04/2010 by admin

Here at Visualsoft, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet… We are happy for our clients and the press to do that for us. 

As our reputation and business continues to grow, the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette published this article about Visualsoft in their section on Thursday 15th April 2010:

Stockton eCommerce solutions specialists Visualsoft, which has trebled its workforce since moving to new premises in Stockton a year ago, is looking to relocate again.

The 12-year-old firm has grown from the 16 staff it had when it left its Preston Farm home in Stockton for a bigger office on Portrack Lane.  It now employs 48.

Business development manager Rich Himsworth said:  “We were bouncing around in the new office at first but we’re nearly up to capacity now and we’re looking to take on more.”

Last week it announced the appointment of 11 new staff in marketing, design and programming departments, and said it was looking to recruit another three web developers, which would take the head count over 50.

A simultaneous management restructure saw Tim Johnson, promoted from business development manager to director.  He was joined by Matt Burton, who was previously head of web development.

Launched in 1998 by Dean Benson and Richard Bendelow on the back of training and educational sites developed in their bedroom offices – so-called “sleeper” sites, which continue to generate revenue for the company – Visualsoft quickly focused its attention on eCommerce, leading to the launch last year of a separate division, the groundbreaking  More recently, it has concentrated on extending its web marketing services.

Mr Benson said: “A key development for us was the creation of a web marketing team which offers our clients a specialist service aimed at building their online profile to ensure their products and services are easily found on internet search engines.

“From pay-per-click campaigns and search engine optimisation to email newsletters and social media marketing, they manage the entire process.  It has been very successful, with the seven-strong team generating significant income within its first six months.”

Mr Himsworth added:  “At some companies, the person selling the service might also be the designer and the person marketing it might be doing the programming.

“We’ve got two guys who do search engine optimisation, and five designers who only do design.  Therefore, they become as good as they can be in that particular field.”

Now courted by Apple, the company was previously responsible for Goofbay, a software application for the global on-line reseller Ebay.

“It probably makes about £500,000 a year for us,” Mr Himsworth said.

“If we didn’t sell a website in the next three or four months it wouldn’t make too much difference because we’ve got so much going on in-house.

“It’s important to have that so you can eliminate the peaks and troughs that come with web and creative companies.”

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