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A slow loading website could lose you traffic

Posted on 08/07/2010 by admin

A recent report has found that a delay when loading a website is likely to lead to users leaving.

A slow loading eCommerce website is a massive turn-off for visitors, so if people have to wait too long for a website to load then it is highly likely that they will just click straight back onto the search engine or referring webpage and go to another website offering similar products or services.

If your eCommerce website is slow loading, why is this happening and what can you do?

You can improve your load time by removing any unnecessary elements such as flash, large images, music, video and third party images. Using CSS instead of tables can also help.

By keeping HTTP requests to a minimum, compressing images and avoiding slow loading third party ads the speed of your website is likely to increase.

As you can see when browsing through our award-winning portfolioVisualsoft are vastly experienced in designing fast loading eCommerce websites. If you are currently having any problems with your existing website, why not contact us to see how we could help solve them.

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