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Serene Order – award winning website redesign

Posted on 26/11/2009 by admin

Serene Order featured in our news section recently, as having appointed Visualsoft to provide their eCommerce web design services.  Today, the Sohihull based retailer’s site became ‘Award Winning’ before launch!

The front page of the website redesign for Serene Order has been awarded ‘Design of the Week’ on iStockphoto, a site famed for its photo, illustrations and video resources.  At Visualsoft, we feel it is important to receive feedback on our designs from such sites, as this audience could potentially become regular shoppers through the Serene Order site.

The competition also offers the opportunity to illustrate the flexibility offered in bespoke eCommerce web design through Visualsoft.  Through Visualsoft, Serene Order is afforded free reign in aesthetics; opposed to ‘off the shelf’ packages with restrictive design and template based layouts.

Visualsoft eCommerce web solutions defy common belief that a site must be template like in its structure to function.  In a vastly image orientated industry, such as Clothing and Footwear, bespoke solutions are essential; providing scalability and flexibility as the website grows.

To view further award winning websites, please see our eCommerce portfolio.

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