10 reasons to choose the VS Training School

Looking to grow your online marketing skills? Our training courses are designed to give you the knowledge you need to boost your business. If you’re thinking about joining us for a session and want to know what you’ll get out of it, here’s 10 reasons why you should sign up today.

1.Expert Advice

All of our trainers work within their industry here at Visualsoft, giving you expert knowledge and marketing tips that they’ve gained through their years of experience.

2. No Jargon

We don’t believe in throwing buzzwords and technical terms around. We prefer to keep things plain and simple in our workshops, perfect if you don’t know your CRO from your SEO.

3. Hands on training

We like to dive right in during the sessions, with real life examples and plenty of time to discuss any issues you’re having with online marketing.

4. Suitable for all levels

The majority of our training courses have a basic and an advanced option, so whether you’re just getting started with marketing or you’re wanting to hone your skills, there is a course for you.

5. Actionable tips to take back to the office

We want to make sure every attendee has something to take away from their session, whether it’s a template for writing content for their site or a guide to setting up their own Adwords account, we know you’re going to be busy when you get back to the office!

6. Relaxed, informal atmosphere

No one likes to be stuck in a stuffy classroom listening to someone talk at them. Our courses are designed for interaction and engagement, our trainers love questions so make sure you shout up!

7. Multiple locations

We offer training courses in both our Stockton and London offices, making it easy for our attendees to find the best one for them

8. Updated constantly

The world of online marketing is always changing, we make sure we’re always on the ball and update our training content regularly to ensure you’re getting up to date information.

9. Further Support

Got more questions? Our training session doesn’t end when the session does, we’re here to help with any further support you need, whether you stick around for a cup of tea with the trainer or email us a week later to see if you’re doing it ‘right’ we’re here to help.

10. Best in the business

We’re proven experts in online marketing, we know what works and we’re confident that we can help improve your business. Whether you’re looking to boost your sales, increase your online visibility or get ahead of your competition, our training courses give you the eCommerce solutions you need.

Interested? Head to our training page to find the right course for you!

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