Jobs with Benefits

Unrivalled rewards

Behind outstanding online stores are amazing employees, so in addition to competitive salaries we reward our workforce with a wide array of impressive benefits including unlimited holidays, flexitime, company pensions, subsidised gym membership, and free breakfasts!

Inclusive Environment

We also aim to provide a great working environment and encourage an open and inclusive atmosphere so that ideas, challenges and solutions can be easily shared, and strong working relationships can be formed - crucial for successful teamwork and happy staff.

What we offer

Unlimited Paid Holidays

Yep - that's right, everyone at Visualsoft can take unlimited paid holidays! We've recently adopted this innovate way of working to make sure our team members get the flexibility they deserve, so as long as you get the job done, you can take as many days off as you want, when you want (but no fewer than the minimum allowance - we need you well rested!)

If that sounds good to you, check our our latest career opportunities.

Flexible Working

Want to work from home sometimes, or start at noon, or take a long lunch? Not a problem - we recently introduced flexible working here at Visualsoft so our team members can achieve their perfect work/life balance.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We're proud to be part of the government's Cycle to Work scheme, which enables our eligible employees to make huge savings on the purchase of bikes for cycling to work. As well as the cost benefits, the scheme also helps many of our employees to stay fit and healthy, reduce commuting costs, and minimise their carbon footprint. For more info on the scheme, click here to visit the Cycle to Work Alliance website.

Free Eye Exams

We want to safeguard all of our employees who use Display Screen Equipment as part of their role, so we ensure that work stations meet the regulation standards and carry out risk assessments on display screens and equipment. Employees who spend a large part of their working day using Visual Display Units are also able to request that we cover the cost of eye exams (subject to eligibility).

Exclusive Staff Discounts

We've got a great relationship with many of the retailers that we work with, and as a result lots of them offer generous and exclusive discounts to Visualsoft employees. This means our staff can pick up cut-price goods from a wide and wonderful selection of online stores offering designer clothing, homeware, jewellery and much more.

Pension Scheme

We've chosen 'NEST - National Employment Savings Trust' for our employees as it's designed around the needs of our workers with clear communications and easy online access.  Employees will have one NEST retirement pot for life, whether they change jobs, work for more than one employer at the same time, or leave employment, your NEST simply goes with you.

Social Events & Parties

We love a good party and our themed Halloween and Christmas dos are definite highlights in our social calendar, as well as our summer BBQs which give our staff and their families a chance to get together and celebrate. In addition we hold an annual (and highly competitive) bake-off, and donate proceeds from the sale of cakes and other calorie-laden goodies to charity. Aside from seasonal events, we also organise regular get-togethers to welcome new employees to our team, and reward their hard work.

Staff Relaxation Area

Our head office is home to a purpose-built area for our employees that they can use to relax, unwind and catch up with colleagues in a comfy environment. Kitted out with a much-loved foosball table, sofas and stools, and an enclosed PS3/Xbox gaming area, it's the perfect place for a bit of downtime. It also features a well-stocked drinks fridge that's merrily emptied by employees every Friday evening after a hard week of graft.

Subsidised Gym Membership

We're not fitness fanatics (well, most of us aren't) but we do appreciate the benefits of staying in shape, which is why we offer heavily subsidised gym membership to our employees. Whether you want to workout every day, join in the odd keep-fit class, or just do a spot of swimming every now and then, our head office is ideally located next to Splash Stockton so our staff can make the most of its facilities. Of course, membership is completely optional, so if you're not really a gym bunny, take a look at the many other benefits we offer.              

Time2innovate Programme

We run a Time2Innovate programme for our Development teams, which gives them allotted time each week that they can use to develop something completely new, or enhance existing functionality of our platform. This free time encourages creativity and eCommerce innovation, which is crucial in ensuring that we, and the online stores we build, stay ahead of the competition. It also gives our Developers a chance to challenge themselves, research the latest trends and possibilities, and show us what they can do.

Branded Workwear

We have a pretty casual dress policy, however, we do provide free branded workwear for our employees who prefer the convenience it offers. Our range currently includes hooded tops, shirts, and polo shirts, all in our corporate palette and featuring our logo, so employees can literally wear Visualsoft colours with pride.

Free Breakfast

We keep a plentiful supply of cereal on site, so whether you fancy cornflakes, crispies, bran or oats, the most important meal of the day is on the house at Visualsoft.

Regular Sporting Events

For our more active employees, we organise regular sporting events including weekly football matches, the occasional game of golf, and we have our own squash ladder (we hold an annual table football tournament too, if that counts). All of our employees are welcome to take part in any of the events we hold, and we're also open to suggestion so our budding athletes can invite their Visualsoft colleagues to take part in whatever sport they're up for.

Free Protein Shakes

To complement the subsidised gym membership we offer, we also provide free protein shakes for our team members that want to build up.

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